Lucy Liu

For those keeping track of celebs who have gone on record as being fans of Bronner’s soap–CNN lets us know that we can now officially add another: Lucy Liu. Thank goodness the journalists are keeping busy over there.


A.V. Club

Reviewed by Nathan Rabin January 2nd, 2008 It’s hard to pick up a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, the hippie-approved wonder-product with the obscenely sensual all-around tingle, and not wonder about the story behind the label’s bizarre ranting about … Continue reading

Sara on MaxFun Podcast

“If you’ve never heard The Sound of Young America, then The Sound of Young America is the greatest radio show you’ve never heard.” — Ira Boudway, Check out director Sara Lamm on this weeks show from PRI -> 

The Boston Herald

Documentary checks up on ’60s icon ‘Dr. Bronner’ By Stephen Schaefer Boston Herald Entertainment Reporter Sara Lamm’s “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox” is a breezy documentary on a true American eccentric. Emil Bronner (1908-1997) was a German-Jewish emigre and self-anointed “doctor” … Continue reading