James Writes:

Hi, I recently met Ralph Bronner in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin the weekend of June 10, 2007. I was a performer at the Steel Bridge Benefit hosted by Pat MacDonald and Jackson Browne. I was leaving my hotel the morning of the show to go perform when I saw the Dr. Bronner’s van and approached the gentleman standing outside of it. I stated that I had been using Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap for over 30 years. The gentleman I related this to was Dr. Bronner’s son, Ralph Bronner. Ralph was very informative about the history of the soap and also related that his Father had passed away 10 year’s earlier. I had related that my Father had passed away April 1 of this year. He was such a kind man and gave me a free bottle of the lilac soap which I had never used before as well as some COEXIST bumper stickers. This was the beginning of my day in which I was to perform with a number of different artist’s throughout the benefit. The energy Ralph conveyed to me was overwhelming and It was one of the most moving and memorable experiences of my life prior to performing, I was enlightened. I just watched the Magic Soap Box on the Sundance Channel and was further enlightened to the history and background of Dr. Bronner and his wonderful soap. I’m writing to expound on the properties of this fanatstic soap, which I buy by the gallon, and also have promoted to many of my friend’s worldwide. Corporate America should follow your company’s example.

Regards, James “Pie” Cowan
Madison, Wisconsin


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